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Turbine Flow Meters

Visual Flow Meters – for Flow Measurement Control

Turbine Flow Meters

Flow Measurement Control

AW-Lake Axial Turbine Flow Meters

Axial turbine flow meters are designed with wear resistant internal components to provide trouble-free operation and a long service life.

Fluid entering the flow meter is first conditioned by the inlet flow straightener which reduces turbulence in the fluid. The moving fluid causes the rotor to spin at a speed that is proportional to its flow rate.

As the turbine blades on the rotor pass through the magnetic field of the pickup, an electronic pulse is generated. This pulse train signal can then be used to monitor the fluid’s actual flow rate or the total amount of fluid that has passed through the flow meter.

The number of electronic pulses generated by the meter, per unit volume, is known as its K-Factor. Each flow meter is calibrated to find its unique K-Factor, which is supplied with the flow meter when purchased.

TRG Standard Turbine Flow Meter
HM-AC High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter
TW Oil & Gas Turbine Flow Meter
HM-F Flanged Turbine Flow Meter
TR-QS Wafer Style Turbine Flow Meter

SIKA VTI15 Turbine Flow Sensor

The liquid flowing into the turbine flow sensor is split into individual jets by the guiding blade. These jets hit the rotor evenly from different directions, setting the rotor in motion. The rotation speed of the rotor is then converted to an electrical pulse signal (frequency): The rotor is fitted with stainless steel pins. An inductive proximity switch detects the rotor rotation.
A flow-proportional frequency signal (square-wave signal) is made available.
Given the uniform inflow to the bearing, the forces largely cancel themselves out and wear is reduced to a minimum. The extremely hard bearing materials – sapphire and hard metal – also guarantee an exceptionally long endurance.

SIKA VTI15 turbine flow sensors are used for flow measurement and dosage in water and water mixtures, and are used in many applications such as:

  • Monitoring cooling circuits in machine and plant engineering
  • Water treatment
  • Cleaning processes
  • Dosing

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