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switching currents > Microswitch is used as switching element
Electrical Connection: Plug connector DIN EN 175301-803-A incl. cable socket
Process Connection: DN20, G¾”
Body Material: Brass
Pressure Rating: PN25
Max Flow Rate: 40 l/min


Flow switches with pipe section / Metal version with plug connector

SIKA flow switches are used for monitoring volumetric flows. Depending on the individual requirements, they are available for different nominal diameters and setpoint ranges. Thanks to the modular design, product versions and options for various applications can be set up. The further temperature and pressure ranges as well as the selection of materials or diverse connection options offer a high level of flexibility. Therefore, SIKA flow switches are used in many different areas:

• heating technology

• industrial cooling circuits

• water treatment

• potable water applications

The flow switch consists of a paddle system with a permanent magnet at the upper end. A reed contact is placed above this magnet outside the flow.

A second magnet is used to generate a restoring force for the paddle. When the flow to be monitored comes into contact with the paddle system, it is deflected. This causes the magnet to change its position relative to the reed contact, which is thus actuated. As soon as the flow is interrupted, the paddle moves back to its start position and actuates the reed contact again. The restoring force required for this is generated by the two repulsing magnets.

The utilization of the magnetic force, compared to a conventional leaf spring, results in significantly better long-term stability and much greater insensitivity to pressure peaks.

The micro switch used as a signal transmitter allows higher electrical ratings compared to the reed contact. The restoring force required for the paddle system is generated by means of a leaf spring.

VH020F0747N|41, Brass Body, DN20 G¾”, PN25, Setpoint range 8.0…10.0l/min ± 15%. Plug Connector, Max Flow Rate 40 l/min

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