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Innovation for sustainability

New-Flow (Golden Mountain Enterprise Co., Ltd.) is a manufacturer of industrial instruments and products in Taiwan. Since their foundation in 1980, they have been devoting themselves to manufacturing instrumentation to meet application requirements in many industries including, but not limited to chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control. New-Flow offers a large variety of products for measurement and control of temperature, pressure, flow, level, and valve.

A Wide Range of Services

Flow Systems

  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter

  • Roots Type Flow Meter

  • Variable Area Type Flow Meter:
    Glass tube type, Acrylic tube type

  • Metal Tube Flow Meter

  • Piston Type Flow Meter (for oil, liquid, and gas)

  • Venturi Tube

  • Orifice Plate

  • Purge Set (Micro Flow Meter):
  • Rotary type flow meter, Paddle type flow meter

Level Systems

  • Magnetic Float Level indicating with Switch

  • Side Mounted Float Switch

  • Tuning Fork Level Switch

  • Capacitive Level Switch

  • Displacer Operated Level Switch

  • Float Operated Level Switch

  • Electrode Level Switch

  • Hydrostatic Level Probes Transmitter

  • Magnetic Float Level Transmitter

Temperature Systems

  • Bimetal Thermometer
  • Liquid, Gas Filled Type Thermometer

  • Explosion Proof Type Temperature indicating Switch- ETS-5000
  • RTD (Resistance Thermo Sensor)

  • Thermo Couple

Popular Product Ranges

Sight Glass Gauges

Industrial sight glass gauges for observing flow, with a wide range of visual indicators such as balls, rotors, paddles, and more.

Weatherproof Pressure Switches

With high set-point repeatability and narrow dead band features. A variety of ranges available. Easily adjusted to the set point, with no special tools needed.

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