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Let's Talk Kinetrol!

The most reliable 1/4 turn Pneumatic Actuator on the market today

Let's Talk Kinetrol!

The most reliable 1/4 turn Pneumatic Actuator on the market today

Kinetrol was established as a firm of control engineers in 1958. Initially, the company’s activities were based on its damping expertise which led to the development of Kinetrol’s rotary viscous dashpots for smooth motion control.

Kinetrol later invented and patented its vane-type rotary pneumatic actuator, recognising the emerging need for quarter-turn valve and mechanism actuation.

Kinetrol, with full inspection and test facilities, operates a rigorous quality control programme which includes 100% functional testing of products and full serial number traceability. Their quality system is approved to ISO 9001 (2015).

“Success comes from our determination for excellence.”

Product Ranges


Double Acting Pneumatic Actuators

Kinetrol’s double-acting vane-type rotary actuator models are renowned for their reliability & efficiency

Single Acting Spring Return Pneumatic Actuators

Kinetrol’s spring return single acting rotary actuators offer the safest fail-safe operation, ideal for critical applications.

Spring to Centre Actuators

Kinetrol's spring to centre models have a patented part-turn vane-type rotary actuator.

180/120 Degree

Kinetrol's 180 and 120 degrees pneumatic actuators are simple and compact, with no external moving parts.


Kinetrol’s EHD electrohydraulic actuators are designed for use in locations without a compressed air supply.

Steadyline Damped Actuator Control

Kinetrol’s range of steadyline pneumatic actuator assemblies are precision valve actuators.

Stainless Steel

Kinetrol's stainless steel actuators are proven quarter-turn vane design in an SS316 casing.


Kinetrol's Blueline food-grade finish actuators can help with food production processes.

Accessories & Mounting Adaptions

Kinetrol offers a range of accessory and mounting adaptions for our customer’s needs.

Spring Packs

Standalone Spring Packs

Kinetrol’s highly reliable, low stress, clock type spring units are available as stand alone spring packs.

Manual Fail-Safe Spring Handles

Kinetrol’s manual fail-safe spring unit allows you to manually operate your valve with the benefit of certainty of position when unattended.

Fire Fail-Safe Springs

Kinetrol’s fire fail-safe spring unit will reliably open or close your valve or damper unit automatically.

Limit Switch Boxes

Limit Switch Box – Standard

Kinetrol's VLS/ULS offers a wide range of signalling options and network solutions in a fully enclosed, corrosion resistant metal case.

Limit Switch Box – Explosion Proof

The XLS explosion proof limit switch box offers a wide range of signalling options and network solutions in a compact, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy housing.



Kinetrol’s range of electropneumatic positioners provide fast, smooth and accurate control for quarter turn actuators.


Kinetrol’s AP positioner is a simple, highly reliable mechanical unit set by a 3-15 psi control signal. An optional I/P controller is available.


Part Turn

Kinetrol’s part turn dashpot gives a restricted travel and high damping rate suitable for applications with reciprocating motions.

Continuous Rotation

Kinetrol’s continuous rotation dashpots gives less damping rate but unlimited travel.


Special Engineered Ball Valves

Kinetrol’s range of special engineered ball valves have been specifically designed for high cycle reliability.

Solenoid Valves

Kinetrol’s vane-type rotary actuator models 03 to 15 can be supplied with integral valves with NAMUR interface.

Gearbox and Damper Drives

Geared Manual Overrides

Kinetrol’s declutchable geared manual override units are rated for the same torques as the actuators.

Damper Drives

Kinetrol’s G3 damper drive offer unbeatable control and delivers proven performance systems in power plants.

Special Units

Kinetrol can offer modified damper drive solutions for individual projects to meet our customer’s needs.

Engineered Solutions

Valve Automation

Kinetrol can supply and automate ball, butterfly and plug valves, offering fully engineered and customised packages for your applications.

Engineered Solution

Kinetrol can offer application-engineered solutions to meet your customer’s requirements.


Food & Beverage

Water & Wastewater

Industrial Automation

Materials Handling

Chemical & Pharmaceutical


And more…


Use Kinetrol’s handy calculators to determine your required products!

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