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Move the air that moves the world

Let's Talk GAST Manufacturing

Move the air that moves the world

101 Years of market leading design and manufacturing of quality air-moving products. Specializing in cost effective solutions for a wide range of industries including industrial manufacturing, healthcare, and environmental cleanup application

A comprehensive product portfolio

Gast’s wide array of pneumatic products include vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators and regenerative blowers – all tailored to meet the many challenging applications of OEMs and end users worldwide. Their products are trusted to operate in critical applications, due to their advanced performance and durability.  To virtually eliminate downtime, they’re also designed for ease of serviceability and many are equipped with dual-voltage motors – making them the most versatile products in the pneumatic industry.

Industry leading and innovative technologies

Air and Motor Technology

Gast rotary vane air motors use compressed air to produce rotational motion of a shaft.  Rotary vane air motors have axial vanes fitted into a slotted rotor, which mounts eccentric with the bore of the motor’s housing. The vanes extend to seal against the housing bore using springs, cam action, or air pressure, depending on the motor design. Torque develops from the pressure of the compressed air acting on one side of the vanes causing the rotor to spin.

Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Gast offers a complete line of air-moving products in a broad range of types and sizes for pressure and vacuum generation.

Tank Systems

Tank systems are designed to make small pumps do big jobs and are a natural extension of Gast and Jun-Air lines. Utilizing either the Piston or Rocking Piston compressor technologies, these systems can be designed work with a range of tank sizes to meet the needs of your specific applications. Included in our Gast line are tank systems specifically designed for dry sprinkler applications. The Jun-Air line of clean and quiet compressors are the perfect choice for a range of medical, dental, and laboratory applications and are backed by a two-year warranty.

GAST Product Ranges

Rotary Vane Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

• Pulse-free air delivery
• Oilless or lubricated models
• Low vibration
• Extra quiet AT Series
• Long, service-free life
Electric motors are dual frequency, multi-voltage AC for worldwide applications.
A complete line of accessories available
Pressure: 15 psig – 1.0 bar
Vacuum: 28 “Hg – 65 mbar
Air Flow: 55CFM – 93.5m³/H

Do you know how they work?

Sliding, flat vanes in an eccentric-mounted rotor are flung outward against the bore of the pump to generate pressure and vacuum in a rotary vane pump.

Rocking Piston Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

• Oilless
• Rugged construction
• Quiet operation
• Dual frequency motors
•Corrosion resistant models, tank models, and a complete line of
recommended accessories available

Pressure: 175 psig – 12 bar
Vacuum: 29 “Hg – 65 mbar
Air Flow: 12CFM – 18.7m³/H

Do you know how they work?

In a reciprocating motion, a flexible cup mounted on top of the connecting rod creates vacuum or pressure as the cup maintains a seal against the cylinder walls in a rocking motion

Air Motors and Gear Motors

• Available in lubricated or non-lubricated models
• Variable speed
• Non-electrical sparking
• Cool running
• Compact and portable
• Operate in all positions
• Mounting flexibility- hub, foot, face, NEMA C-Flange, or Metric D Series interface mountings and clockwise, counter-clockwise, or reversible rotations

Air Motor: 9 HP – 7.1 kW
Variable Speeds: 10,000 RPM
Gear Motor Max Torque: 5,200 lb. in. – 587 Nm

Do you know how they work?

Compressed air into an air motor forces the sliding vanes out of the eccentric-mounted rotor. An extended shaft on the rotor spins to perform the work.

Diaphragm Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

• Oilless
• Rugged construction
• Quiet
• Cooler air output
• Compact, lightweight
• Corrosion resistant
• Low power consumption
• Standard, twin, and miniature styles
• Easy maintenance
Electric motors available in dual frequency, shaded pole, and permanent split capacitor (psc) versions as well as AC multi- voltages for worldwide applications
4 – 24 volt DC options on the
miniature styles
Pressure: 60 psi – 4.2 bar
Vacuum: 29 “Hg – 31 mbar
Air Flow: 3.8 CFM – 6.5m³/H

Do you know how they work?

In reciprocating motion, with a short stroke, the diaphragm at the top of the
connecting rod flexes up and down in a closed chamber, creating pressure or vacuum.

Piston Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

• Oilless
• Rugged construction
• Long, service-free life
• Corrosion resistant
• Motor-mounted or separate drive styles
• Dual frequency, AC multi-voltage, 3 phase,12 and 24 volt DC options also available
• Tank-mounted piston compressors come in tank sizes ranging from 2 to 60 gallons
• A complete line of recommended
accessories also available
Pressure: 125 psi – 8.8 bar
Vacuum: 28.5 “Hg – 48 mbar
Air Flow: 11 CFM – 18.7m³/H

Do you know how they work?

In reciprocating motion, with a short stroke, the diaphragm at the top of the connecting rod flexes up and down in a closed chamber, creating pressure or vacuum.

Regenerative Blowers – Regenair®

• For high volume vacuum or compressed air applications
• Motor-mounted and separate drive models
• TEFC electric motors are UL and CSA certified on several models and come in single and three-phase, dual frequency, and multi-voltage versions
• Special models with explosion-proof motors, 13/5 (0.6) to 10 HP, are designed for soil vapor extraction applications.
• A complete line of recommended
accessories available
Pressure: 152 inH2O – 385 mbar
Vacuum: 120 inH2O – 300 mbar
Air Flow: 1350 CFM – 2294m³/H

Do you know how they work?

A certain amount of air slips past each impeller blade during rotation and
returns to the base of a succeeding blade for reacceleration – “regenerative.”

JUN-AIR Systems

The JUN-AIR brand supplies clean and quiet air – a complete compressed air solution. They come in a variety of cabinet, uncovered, as well as dryer equipped models, providing versatility to various applications and possibilities.
Pressure: 116 psig – 8 bar
Air Flow: 9 CFM – 255m³/H

Offering solutions across the markets

Medical, Dental and Laboratory

Ever mindful of the needs of the patient, Gast offers proven reliable, quiet, high-quality products for the most demanding medical, dental, and laboratory applications. The dependable, lasting and low-maintenance features that these products are known for make them the natural choice for system integration.

General Industry

As the most recognized name in air-moving products, Gast provides quality solutions for a wide variety of applications in business and industry.

Food and Beverage

With decades of experience in food and beverage processing, Gast products deliver reliable quality in the toughest environments.  Our solutions provide peace of mind when performance and dependability are at the forefront of your business needs.

Environmental and Dry Sprinkler

Gast provides high-quality air-moving solutions that help preserve and protect our environment, including compressors that meet a variety of applications in the environmental and safety markets.  Their sales and marketing experts work closely with our experienced engineers to develop solutions for virtually any environmental application challenge

Oil and Gas

With their rugged design and simple maintenance requirements Gast products are counted on in the oil and gas industry to provide years of trouble free service.  Our products have multiple mounting options and surface protection finishes available to perform in the harshest environments.  From valve actuation, to pipeline construction, to lab gas analyzers, Gast provides high quality compressors, vacuum pumps and air motors for a wide range of applications


Providing rugged product design and reliable performance on demand, Gast pneumatic solutions drive the air-source requirements for many transportation applications.  When high-performance and efficiency or low-profile and maintenance are desired, Gast has the technology to address the need.

Printing and Packing

Designed for continuous operation in high-volume repetitive applications, Gast products are a staple for the printing and packaging industry.  With Gast’s product versatility, long life, and low maintenance, you can virtually fit it and forget it.

Material Handling

Gast has demonstrated decades of successful pneumatic solution integrations supporting a vast range of material-handling applications, serving as the driving force for conveying, filling, and hoisting applications. Whether the requirement is for precision inching and indexing, power retraction, or load lifting, Gast has the product solution to suit your material-handling needs.

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