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Let's Talk ACE Controls Inc.

Specialists in Industrial Damping Technology

Let's Talk ACE Controls Inc.

Specialists in Industrial Damping Technology

ACE, founded in 1963, introduced the first adjustable industrial shock absorber. Over 50 years later, ACE is the internationally recognized expert in the field of industrial damping technology. The company’s portfolio now includes automation control, motion control, vibration control and safety products.

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How do ACE industrial shock absorbers work?

Energy cannot be made or destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another. An industrial shock absorber work by converting kinetic energy of a moving mass via friction, into heat energy.

Check out this video by ACE Controls, for a visual demonstration

Advantages of Industrial Shock Absorbers

The following information has been provided by ACE Controls Inc.

When it comes to slowing down moving masses with constant damping force through the stroke, the industrial shock absorber is the right choice.

Advantages include:

  • Safe, reliable production
  • Long service life of the machines
  • Easy, inexpensive constructions
  • Low operating costs
  • Quiet, economical machines
  • Less stress on the machine
  • Profit improvement

Let’s compare the different damping elements:

ACE Industrial Shock Absorbers – Uniform stopping force through the entire stroke

The moving load is smoothly and gently brought to rest by a constant resisting force throughout the entire shock absorber stroke. The load is decelerated with the lowest possible force in the shortest possible time eliminating damaging force peaks and shock damage to machines and equipment. This is a linear deceleration force stroke curve and is the curve provided by ACE industrial shock absorbers. In addition they considerably reduce noise pollution.

Hydraulic Dashpot – High stopping force at start of the stroke

With only one metering orifice the moving load is abruptly slowed down at the start of the stroke. The braking force rises to a very high peak at the start of the stroke (giving high shock loads) and then falls away rapidly.

Springs and Rubber Buffers – High stopping forces at end of stroke

At full compression. Also they store energy rather than dissipating it, causing the load to rebound back again.

Air Buffers, Pneumatic Cylinder Cushions – High stopping force at end of stroke

Due to the compressibility of air these have a sharply rising force characteristic towards the end of the stroke. The majority of the energy is absorbed near the end of the stroke.


The comparison shows the differences of the damping in a direct comparison of stopping force to stopping stroke:

Picture: Stopping force over time

ACE Product Range

Automation Control

Optimum tuning

Miniature Shock Absorbers

Miniature shock absorbers from ACE are tried-and-tested quality products used in millions of industrial construction designs throughout the world. They optimise machines in an equally reliable and effective way by decelerating loads quickly and without recoil.

Profile Dampers

The exceedingly successful TUBUS series from ACE is a perfect alternative, when masses don’t need to be decelerated to an exact point. Available in more than 140 different versions, the profile dampers are used to slow down masses, particularly under extreme conditions.

They are affordable, compact and light and absorb the energy with different damping characteristics depending on the design.

Industrial Shock Absorbers

ACE industrial shock absorbers work hard. Their application means moving loads are evenly decelerated over the full stroke. The result: the lowest braking force and shortest braking time. The MAGNUM series from ACE is viewed as the reference standard for medium design sizes in damping technology.

Damping Pads

With damping pads from the SLAB serices, ACE provides solutions to effectively slow down impact loads over large and small surfaces. This means that these products are found in a wide range of damping technologies from ACE where oscillation begins or where damaging impacts in construction designs need to be slowed over a large surface.

Heavy Industrial Shock Absorbers

The heavy industrial shock absorbers from ACE round off the top of the company”s offers in damping technology. Designers also have the choice between self-compensating and adjustable machine elements in this category from ACE.

Whichever design is chosen, this type of shock absorber impresses with its robustness and operational readiness wherever heavy loads need reliably stopped on-the-spot at a precise point.

Motion Control

Perfect support for Muscle Power

Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type

Anyone who wants to lift or lower loads with control and without excessive strength relies on the industrial gas push type springs from ACE. These maintenance-free, ready-to-install machine elements, which are available from stock, support sheer muscle power and reliably open and hold.

Door Dampers

ACE has high-performance, durable door dampers available to protect elevator doors and other automatically operated or manual door systems from damaging contact. The single or double-sided hydraulic shock absorbers are characterised by their good adjustment capacity and maximum energy absorption between 75 and 190 Nm/Cycle.

Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type

If ACE gas push type springs cannot be used due to a lack of space, ACE’s industrial gas pull type springs come into their own. The compact assistants with body diameters of 15 to 40 mm are effective in the direction of traction and work in the opposite way to the principle of gas push type springs.

Hydraulic Feed Controls

Hydraulic feed controls from ACE are recommended as the perfect solution e.g. when sawing, cutting, drilling and in order to prevent the stick-slip effect on pneumatic cylinders, amongst others. They can be precisely adjusted and provide speeds from 12 mm/min. with a very low feed force or up to 38 m/min. with a high feed rate.

Hydraulic Dampers

The hydraulic dampers are similar in appearance to the ACE industrial gas springs but are adjusted in the end position and work differently to the DVC family with individual speed adjusters for the push and pull direction. This provide users with the maximum flexibility.

Rotary Dampers

ACE rotary dampers mainly provide an invisible yet valuable service as a maintenance-free machine element to allow controlled deceleration of rotary or linear movements.

Vibration Control

Isolate unwanted vibrations effectively

Vibration-Isolating Pads

SLAB, CEL and PAD: three different pad types, one purpose; to provide users in all areas with the best customised insulation technology. ACE guarantees this with the wide-ranging offer of vibration isolating pads and with customisation specific to the customer.

Low Freq. Pneumatic Levelling Mounts

ACE has a range of low frequency pneumatic levelling mounts under the designations PLM and PAL: they keep vibrations, impacts and force peaks, e.g. from high performance and precision machines, at bay.

Rubber-Metal Isolators

Consisting of eight different types, ACE presents a complete range of rubber-metal isolators. These isolate bothersome impacts and vibrations from machines and motors so much that the working conditions are considerably improved for people and the environment and so that the production results can be increased.

Safety Products

Highest protection under any circumstances

Safety Shock Absorbers

As a cheaper alternative to the standard shock absorber, Safety shock absorbers are the tried and tested low cost metrhod of preventing those occasional emergency stops. Designed for occasional use, they primarily serve as reliable, effective protection in emergency stopping for construction designs.

Safety Dampers

The extremely successful Safety Dampers series from ACE are suitable for emergency stop, as overrun protection or as end stop dampers.

Rubber-Metal Isolators

Clamping elements from the LOCKED series also serve the purpose of safety. These ACE products clamp and decelerate loads and are suitable for perfectly controlled holding, both linear and rotary, in all processes.

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