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Conveyor Belt!

Made from household items

This fun little activity is a great way to demonstrate how such an integral system component such as the conveyor belt, follows rather simple properties.


  • 2 x rubber bands
  • 2 pieces of scrap paper
  • 1 milk carton
  • 2 x fat pens (must be longer than the width of the carton, from the start of the cap to the end of the pen – see step 3 for what I mean)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Spare cardboard – for reinforcements


Step 1:
Wash and dry the carton

Step 2:
Cut the spout end of the carton, and one of the faces:

Step 3:
Poke two holes on each side, making sure you line them up as best you can. Make the holes wide enough to fit the markers through

Step 4:
Pull the markers back out from the second hole, and wrap a rubber band around each one tightly, and then slot back into the hole

Step 5:
Cut a piece of paper shorter than the width of the carton. You may need to attach another piece of paper the same width to the end to make it longer.

Step 6:
Feed the paper around the pens and pull it taut then tape together. Also tape the edges of the spare paper that is inside the conveyor belt to tuck it away.

Step 7:  Feel free to decorate the belt!

Your conveyor belt is ready to operate! Start off with light items, then progress to heavier ones. Will it need any reinforcements? If so, use the spare cardboard, and figure out the best way to improve it’s structural integrity.

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