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AW-Lake Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine Flow Meters – for Flow Measurement Control

AW-Lake Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine Flow Meters – for Flow Measurement Control

Axial turbine flow meters are designed with wear resistant internal components to provide trouble-free operation and a long service life.

Fluid entering the flow meter is first conditioned by the inlet flow straightener which reduces turbulence in the fluid. The moving fluid causes the rotor to spin at a speed that is proportional to its flow rate.

As the turbine blades on the rotor pass through the magnetic field of the pickup, an electronic pulse is generated. This pulse train signal can then be used to monitor the fluid’s actual flow rate or the total amount of fluid that has passed through the flow meter.

The number of electronic pulses generated by the meter, per unit volume, is known as its K-Factor. Each flow meter is calibrated to find its unique K-Factor, which is supplied with the flow meter when purchased.

TRG Standard Turbine Flow Meter

The sturdy construction of the TRG turbine flow meter means high performance and longer service life at an affordable price. This is the ideal turbine flow meter for monitoring solvents and other lower viscosity fluids, such as antifreeze and fuel measurement.

Measuring Accuracy:
±1.0% of reading or better
20 Flow Ranges:
0.3 to 757 LPM
Pressure Rating:
Working pressure up to 345 bar
Temperature Rating:
Fluid temperature of -100° to 232˚C

HM-AC High Pressure Flow Meter

Ideal when measuring the flow of fluids under high pressures, such as in hydraulic testing. It is also perfect for chemical injection systems, as it withstands pressures up to 20,000 psi and is available in a variety of different flow ranges.

Measuring Accuracy:
±1.0% of reading or better
9 Flow Ranges:
0.3 to 121 LPM
Pressure Rating:
Working pressure up to 1379 bar
Temperature Rating:
Depends on sensor used

HM-F Flanged Flow Meter

The HM-F Series of turbine flow meters can handle low viscosity fluids flowing under extremely high pressure, such as hydraulic and fuel systems and offshore chemical injection systems. Best for use with hydraulic oil, fuel and other light oils when ANSI or tri-clamp flanges are required.

Measuring Accuracy:
±1.0% of reading or better
8 Flow Ranges:
0.9 to 9997 LPM
Pressure Rating:
Depends on flange used
Temperature Rating:
-60 to 350°C

TW Turbine Flow Meter

Ideal to withstand the demands of the most rigorous flow measurement applications and is an ideal meter for liquid flow measurement on or off the oilfield.

Accurate & Reliable:
±1% of reading (±1% of reading over the upper 70% of the measuring range for 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 in. meters)
Electronic Integration:
This meter can accept a variety of existing electronics, such as the SignalFire Flow Totalizer
Simplified Maintenance:
Maintenance is easy with the rotor replacement kit. Rotor can be replaced in just 2-3 minutes.
Rugged & Cost Effective:
All stainless steel construction and tight machining tolerances make for excellent durability/long life.

TR-QS Wafer Style Flow Meter

This flow meter is made from superior materials of construction for high performance in aggressive environments. The modified upstream and downstream flow straighteners allow for a higher accuracy and greater fluid dynamics.

Easy installation:
Wafer style mounting configuration eliminates the need for mating flanges
Smart design:
Compact design for use in tight spaces
Seven flow ranges:
From 19 to 18927 GPM
Line sizes:
Capable of measuring flow in line sizes from 1” to 10”
Explosion proof options available