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All About Air Preparation!

Maximise your performance and minimise your downtime

All About Air Preparation!

Maximise your performance and minimise your downtime

Water, oil, and other particles can potentially reduce the service life and functionality of equipment and systems downstream.

Correct air preparation is essential for best performance of your compressed air system. To maximise efficiency, reliability and productivity keep your pneumatic processes operating to their requirements by using air-prep products

What do I need to consider?

There are three variables to air preparation:

  • Air quality
  • Air quantity
  • Air pressure

It is vital that these variables are managed throughout your system, to allow for best operation

Why is air preparation important?

Regular air contains dust and dirt particles, as well as moisture in the form of humidity. When air is sent through a compressor it can become hot, wet and dirty. To remove the moisture, usually a refrigerated air dryer is used. This cools the air to approximately 3˚C, causing the moisture to condense into water, which is then removed via a water trap. From here, the system may require any number of products to ensure for trouble-free operation.

Filters are installed to – well I’m sure you can guess… – filter the air and trap any contaminants that are suspended in the airstream

Regulators are necessary to ensure the correct air pressure is operating throughout your system

Lubricators are used for lubricating some components such as cylinders and valves that may require a certain amount of oil in the air for their moving parts and seals

These, along with many other devices are essential for reducing machine downtime, maintenance, and energy costs, while also allowing for seamless production.

So do I need to buy a whole bunch of products??

Not necessarily!

The new and improved Excelon Plus 84 Series can be supplied as a convenient boxset comprising of a Filter, Regulator, Lubricator with shut-off valve & mounting brackets.

Or, of course, you can grab any individual components you require.

From standalone inline filter and regulator units to complete air preparation systems, together with Norgren, rest assure that PSI Automation can offer the highest quality, best performing and most reliable air preparation equipment on the market!

Ready to buy?

We are an official reseller for IMI Norgren who offer an extensive range of high-quality Air Preparation products.